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The terms used in Octaved Flow are based on what is common in the world of work and in project management.

Everything is a project

In Octaved Flow, projects are divided into work packages. Conversely, this means that everything that can be broken down into work packages can be viewed as a project. So the definition of what a project is is broad in Octaved Flow. Internal projects can therefore be viewed as projects in Octaved Flow in the same way as customer projects.

Work packages as a core element

A (greatly simplified) sample project for a customer could consist of three work packages: offer, concept development and implementation.

Example project containing three work packages in Octaved Flow
  • Team members find out what's coming up for the day through work packages.

  • With the planning function, work packages can be given a start and end date.

  • Team members can create their own tasks for their work packages.

  • Files such as PDFs and images or meeting reports are stored for each work package and are therefore very easy to find again.

  • The booking of times takes place on work packages.


Each project is assigned to a customer. It can also be an internal customer. So the hierarchy is: Customer > Project > Work Package

Good to know

  • Work packages can be combined in groups. This enables a clearer structure and further evaluation options.

  • In larger companies, each department or workgroup can be assigned a project folder so that each department has its own separate area.

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