The work management software for everyone who wants to have a better grip on their projects

Octaved Flow organizes your team's work, improves workflows, and creates a common information base.

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Team Planning

Distribute the work packages in your team and make sure no one has too much or too little work on the table with just a few clicks.

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Plans are useless, but planning is essential

D. Eisenhower
Create plans with Octaved Flow that give you the flexibility to make adjustments easily. The path is allowed to change as long as the goal is achieved.

Task Management

With Octaved Flow's task management, you replace yellow notes, emails and hidden task lists with a clear and open task structure.

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Improve your project and task management

Empower your team with the benefits of Octaved Flow today

Project Time Tracking

Minimal effort for your team when tracking time with favorites, suggestions that can be easily adopted and team-wide time tracking records.

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Bill project time

Create flexible billings for tracked hours, bill by month, and generate ready-to-send timesheets in PDF format.

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Simplify your processes from time booking to billing today

Invoice all hours in full and don't leave profits unclaimed!

Project controlling

Get real-time information on project status, percentage of completion, milestone compliance, and project profitability.

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Common Information Base

Get the knowledge out of email threads and chats and make it available to everyone instead. With Octaved Flow, your team communicates more efficiently.

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Plan your first project with Octaved Flow today

Improve flows, manage workloads, and complete projects on time.