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Create realistic plans, monitor progress and bring your projects to completion on time with the Octaved Flow planning tool.

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Improve and simplify project planning in one step

Plan via Drag and drop

Easily plan project steps as bars on a timeline using your mouse.

Check progress

Be informed at any time where your projects, teams and budgets stand.

Share information centrally

Minimize queries and create clarity with a consistent level of knowledge.

Bring more transparency to your projects with the right project planning software.

Octaved Flow's project planning tools help you stay flexible in the face of change to bring your projects to completion on time.

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  • Project planning

    Quickly create a clear plan by dividing your project into work packages and displaying them as bars on a timeline.

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  • Adjustments

    Adjust the time periods with the mouse by extending or moving the work packages on the timeline.

  • Dependencies

    Modify scheduling for multiple work packages at once and save time by setting dependencies between work packages.

Types of dependencies for work packages

Start after predecessor ends

Work package B can only start after work package A has been completed.

Common end

Work packages A and B must end at the same time.

Common start

Work packages A and B must start at the same time.

Work planning

See what each individual's work plan looks like, what is currently being worked on, and which tasks are coming up soon.


Team planning

Keep an eye on the workload of the entire team to relieve individual employees or find free capacity.


Task planning

Leave the division of work packages into tasks to your team while still maintaining control over the project flow.

The order of planning in Octaved Flow

Planned work packages provide time frames for team members.

Team members create and plan tasks in the given framework.

Project manager sees work packages and tasks in a central overview.

Kanban boards

Provide a structure for your teams to work by and always see what status your projects are currently in.

Kanban-Boards als Statusanzeige für Projekte

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