Tasks and to-do lists for productive teams

With Octaved Flow, everyone in the team uses a central platform for tasks, to-do lists and checklists. More efficiency, more happiness for everyone.

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Relevant and up-to-date

Instead of an endless lists of tasks, everyone on the team sees the relevant tasks in a clear structure at the right time.

All in one tool

Use the task planner in combination with other features to increase productivity.

Better visibility

Central task management instead of yellow slips of paper, endless emails and to-do lists with various tools.

Flexible task management

Steigern Sie die Effizienz und Flexibilität Ihrer Arbeitsabläufe mit dem vielseitigen Aufgabenmanagement von Octaved Flow

Octaved Flow's tasks and to-do lists gives you the flexibility to apply your best practices and continuously improve them. You can combine different options from Octaved Flow to establish the right process for each use case.

To-Do-Listen zur Aufgabenverwaltung in Octaved Flow
  • Task lists

    With clear lists, nothing will be overlooked anymore. Priorities and due dates determine the order in which tasks are processed and by when they must be completed.

    To-Do-Listen zur Aufgabenverwaltung in Octaved Flow
  • Task status

    Use Kanban boards to set the work structure for your teams or the entire company and always be informed about the current status of tasks and work packages.

    Kanban-Boards zur Aufgabenplanung in Octaved Flow
  • Priorities

    Group tasks, assign priorities to them, or share relevant information about a task with your team using labels.

    Priorisierung von Aufgaben mit Labels
  • Timeline

    Have task scheduling appear in the overarching project plan and see work progress from a helicopter perspective.

    Aufgabenplanung auf einer Zeitleiste mit Gantt-Chart

Tasks integrated into project planning

Seamless connection of project planning and operational details

Octaved Flow brings an organizational advantage by seamlessly integrating task management with project planning. Project planning involves planning work packages, which are then broken down into tasks to support daily workflow using to-do lists and checklists. This creates a hierarchical structure that enables a higher level of project planning with the operational details below.

Project managers divide a project into work packages.

Work packages are scheduled and assigned to team members.

Team Among them are tasks, to-do lists and checklists for operational implementation

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Team tasks

Transparent teamwork and effective capacity utilization

See at any time who is working on what, what tasks are due next, and make sure no one has too much or too little work on their plate.

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Resource planning

Optimal project planning and detailed control

By integrating tasks that originate from operational execution, a higher level of detail is achieved. This enables a more realistic calculation of resource utilization and leads to improved resource planning. This in turn leads to more reliable project planning with reduced rescheduling phases.

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Task time

The most accurate method of determining the progress

By involving those who operationally perform individual tasks and sharing their perspectives and experiences, the accuracy of the data is greatly improved. With this reliable data, the degree of progress can be calculated much more precisely than with other methods.

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