• Simple and reliable invoicing of services
  • Seamless project time tracking
  • Higher billing rate, immediate increase in profit
  • Realistic and fact-based analysis including internal projects
  • Fast and uncomplicated time booking, hardly any noticeable additional effort
  • No long searches for suitable booking objects
  • Outlook-style calendar view and time sheets
  • Invoicing types and price categories, standard or customised
  • REST API for connecting ticket systems and ERP systems

Simple and reliable invoicing

Anyone who is required to charge for services or provide verification in the form of a time sheet is familiar with the problem of combining data from different sources. Incomplete time bookings also pose particular challenges. With the clear and transparent project structures in Octaved Flow, complete and correct time bookings are no longer a problem. It is possible to export time sheets in Excel format directly from Octaved Flow or to transfer the values to your ERP system via an interface.
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Increase profits with three factors

Octaved Flow steigert Profitabilität
  1. Octaved Flow makes the invoicing process noticeably more efficient. Corresponding resources can then be used more profitably.

  2. Performance rendered that was not previously charged, will now be invoiced. That translates directly into profit.

  3. The quota of non-billable services in the context of projects is displayed in real time. This fact-based presentation is a reliable basis for internal optimisation. Why can much of the work output not be billed, why are there significant differences for similar project types?

Continuously improve project strategies

The next problem should not follow a project that did not run optimally. It is necessary to look at the overall picture in order to be able to draw conclusions from projects. The biggest cost factor is indisputably human resources. Even if a project is not billed as a service, project time tracking provides valuable information from which subsequent projects benefit.
Projektzeiterfassung liefert wertvolle Erkenntnisse für zukünfigen Projekterfolg

Time tracking just a click away

Time tracking has always been a tedious, extra task for me until now. Flow enabled me to internalise the few clicks immediately. I do not really notice any extra work.
It can’t be assumed, that team members will accept the necessity of project time tracking. The insight that a project time tracking is useful or necessary is available, but time-consuming additional effort is a deterrent. Time tracking in Octaved Flow is quick and uncomplicated. There is no long search for appropriate booking objects. Because bookings are done against work packages and as a team member you have them opened anyway. This means the least possible additional effort that is barely noticeable in everyday work.

Flexible illustration of commercial scenarios

Different commercial scenarios are represented in Octaved Flow with various billing types. For example, fixed price, expenses from/up-to, capped expenses or quota. Of course, the billing types can also be mixed in a project and defined differently for each work package. Price categories can be defined individually for each customer in addition to the standard. Thanks to the central definition, team members do not have to deal with these issues in their day-to-day work and can no longer make any commercial mistakes when booking time.
Buchungsfehler vermeiden dank vordefinierten Abrechnungstypen

Discover more features

Use project-based KPIs and company key figures, track project controlling, project objectives
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Project-relevant information centrally available through simple posting on the Board, fewer unnecessary emails
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Project Management
Transparent project structuring, project planning, team planning, clear basis for reliable forecasts
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Project Time Tracking
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Task Planner
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