Project time tracking software for companies that don't have time

Simplify processes from time booking to billing with Octaved Flow. For IT companies, consultants, mechanical engineers and anyone who wants to account for work time without a lot of hassle.

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Easy, fast, efficient

The shortest way from time booking to billing with ready-to-send time sheets

With Octaved Flow's powerful project time tracking, you can record working hours quickly and efficiently without disrupting the actual workflow. Flexible project billing allows you to invoice promptly and accurately without inconvenient billing errors.

Octaved Flow – Time Sheets bearbeiten
  • Track project time

    Minimize time tracking efforts with the well-designed features and avoid time-consuming tracking errors upfront.

    Octaved Flow – Time Sheets bearbeiten
  • Bill project time

    Invoice promptly by flexibly billing project-related time based on completion or by the month.

    With the clear workflows in Octaved Flow, you always keep track of everything important.

    Octaved Flow – Projektzeit abrechnen
  • Export time sheets and invoice data

    Create ready-to-send timesheets with your logo in PDF format.

    Export invoice data directly to your billing systems or as Excel files.

    Octaved Flow – Zeitbuchungstabelle exportieren


Simplify workflows by managing the complete project cycle in one software.


Reduce coordination efforts with automated processes.


Eliminate entry errors with user-created policies on expense limits and surcharges.

Configurable billing types

Map all commercial scenarios from real life

Create customized commercial scenarios by using configurable billing types such as effort services, contingents, and fixed prices. By capping the maximum bookable effort, you can avoid discussions with customers in advance (or prevent internal projects from getting out of control).

Octaved Flow – Abrechnungstypen: Festpreis

Try Octaved Flow for free now

Try Octaved Flow in a free 30-day trial period. Full functionality of the software, without functional limitations and completely without obligation. This is the fastest way to learn how Octaved Flow can benefit you and your team.

Per customer and service type

Individual price categories and surcharges

Set price categories for different service types and experience levels of performers. As standard and different for customers with special agreement. Automatically calculate surcharges for Sunday work or emergency services.

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Efficient time tracking

Time is money - even when booking time itself

Find the right booking objects without having to search for them with favorites and recently used lists. Take advantage of time-saving copy functions from previous time tracking records and time tracking records from the team, meeting time tracking records for all participants, and drag & drop functionality.

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Partial billing

Bill projects in full after completion or bill parts of the project one by one. Bill by time period, such as monthly or quarterly.

Private time tracking

Set who on the team can see whose time postings with granular rights management, preserving everyone's privacy.

Helpful hints

With warnings about double billing and unbilled accounting objects, Octaved Flow draws your attention to possible errors and omissions.

Customizable performance records

Configure and export timesheets

Customize timesheets by uploading your logo and specifying the color. Get ready-to-ship, professionally designed PDFs every time. Alternatively, download timesheets in Excel format for further processing.

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Free 30-day trial - all functions unlocked

Get started today and experience the benefits of an integrated project management and time tracking solution!

Automatic synchronization

Link to your ERP system

Integrate Octaved Flow seamlessly with your ERP or other invoicing system to enable automatic transfer of invoice records at the touch of a button. Small companies have the option of transferring the data via an Excel file.

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For all types of projects

Create or import accounting objects

Create projects with just a few clicks or import them automatically from your ERP system. With the Project, Subproject and Work Package building blocks, all types of projects and orders can be mapped comprehensively.

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Benefits of a central platform

Why is it so useful to have project time tracking on the same platform as project planning? Here are some reasons:

Time saving

Integration eliminates the need to use separate time tracking tools or work cumbersomely with spreadsheets. The team can record times directly in the project management software, resulting in significant time savings. No data is shuffled back and forth between different systems, making the workflow more efficient.

Transparency and customer communication

Project time recording enables transparent communication with customers or stakeholders. It can show exactly how much time was spent on individual tasks or project phases. This creates trust, improves communication with the customer and helps to justify costs and timelines.

More accurate cost estimation, improved profitability

By capturing time spent, you get a more accurate basis for estimating project costs. You can analyze the actual hours and resources required for a project. Experience from previous projects can be incorporated into the costing of new projects. This allows you to plan your budget better, avoid financial surprises and make every project a commercial success.

Seamless integration with other project management functions

Integrated project time tracking can work seamlessly with other project management features. This includes linking times to tasks, budgeting, billing, and collaboration tools. This enables a holistic approach to project management and improves the overall workflow.

More effective project management

Overall, the integration of project time tracking software with project management software contributes to a more efficient and accurate recording of working hours, improved resource planning and transparent project monitoring. This supports the effectiveness of project management and enables better control over time, costs and quality.

Octaved Flow

Our platform gives you the best of both worlds - powerful software that seamlessly integrates easy and convenient project time tracking as well as project management, project planning and collaboration. Increase the efficiency of your projects, foster team collaboration and keep track of your projects - all on one platform.

Discover the free 30-day trial with unlimited access to all features now!