Plans and prices

Choose the feature set and customizability you need to organize your team and manage your projects

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For small teams with up to 3 users*
per user/per month
Project planning, task management, collaboration and much more - all the important functions a small team needs
100 MB
File storage per user
For companies and organizations of all sizes
per user/per month
Project management
All functions for managing projects of all sizes
Project planning
Resource planning/team planning
With workload calculation considering vacation, sick days, daily working hours
Task management
Integrated into project planning for optimal division of labor
Labels and Kanban boards
Freely configurable
Project controlling
Comprehensive analysis tools
Information board with documents, images, PDFs, meeting minutes, collaboration
Time tracking and billing
Time tracking per work package, timesheets as ready-to-send PDFs, export of billing records, quotation calculation
10 GB
File storage per user
  • Monthly price with annual billing
  • Annual 168€ per user
  • Monthly billing possible from 30 users
For companies and organizations of all sizes
per user/per month
All the features of Professional plus:
API interface
For integration into the IT landscape, e.g. ERP system, billing system, ticket system
Project folder
With individual permissions per folder, for tenants (e.g. business units, subsidiaries)
Material resources
Planning and reservation of material resources, e.g. lab space, 3D printers, measuring equipment, rooms
Gap bars
Interruption of bars in project planning
Extended project controlling
Including critical time forecast
50 GB
File storage per user
  • Monthly price with annual billing
  • Annual 228€ per user
  • Monthly billing possible from 30 users
From 100 users and for special requirements
Upon request
All the functions of Business plus:
Own hosting
On-premise hosting in your own data center or in your own cloud
Enterprise features by agreement
Storage by agreement/unlimited
File storage
* Notes:
  • All users in a company/organization require having the same license level
  • The 30-day trial version has all the features of Business. After the end of the trial period, you may continue with your data or you can start from scratch.
  • License upgrade at any time. License downgrade and contract termination with notice period 1 month to the end of the contract year.
  • Within Germany all prices plus VAT
  • With Starter a maximum of 3 users are possible

Features comparison

Work management, project planning, project management, general
Time tracking & billing
Project planning
Bar charts (Gantt charts)
Planning by drag & drop of the bars
Milestones and due dates
Dependencies between work packages
Dependencies between tasks
Dependency type individually adjustable
Offset for dependencies
Multiple dependencies
Time constraints, quotas and limits
Responsibilities via project roles
Multiple and team responsibilities
Real-time schedule updates for all users in the personal workspace
Notification of users
Consideration of vacation days, sick days and holidays
Weekly working hours per user
Integrated task planning
Planning of material resources, e.g. lab space, 3D printers, measuring equipment, rooms
Bars in the color of the project/subproject
Indicator for imminent time overruns
Multi-project planning
Team planning (resource planning)
Display of workload per user
Highlighting of planning overloads
Display of available daily working time per user, taking into account vacation, sick days, ...
Rescheduling via drag & drop in case of user absence
Simulation of the impact of additional potential projects on the workload ("What if?")
Different algorithms to calculate the workload, depending on the data situation
Optional display of (sub) tasks of users including processing progress
Color coding according to projects and sub-projects
Real-time updating of planning for all users in their personal workspace
Task management
Task management integrated in project planning
To-do lists and checklists
Responsibilities per user or team tasks
Central assignment of responsibilities
Assignment of responsibilities among team members
Notification when tasks are assigned
View as list or scrolling timeline
Individual planning of tasks
Time-based dependencies
Logical dependencies
Due dates
Warning when scheduling exceeds the predefined limits
Freely configurable task labels
Kanban boards for tasks
Effort planning per task
Determination of the degree of completion
Burndown chart
Copy tasks from templates or from comparable projects
Move uncompleted tasks to other project paths
Full integration with project and resource planning
Personal tasks
Organization into task sections
Labels and Kanban boards
Freely configurable labels
Label sets
Freely configurable Kanban boards
Optional Done column for tasks
Limiting the scope of labels
Limiting the scope of Kanban boards
Separate labels and Kanban boards per tenant (for business units, subsidiaries, ...)
Copying the whole template project into a new project
Copying parts of the template into a new project
Copying tasks/checklists/to-do (configurable)
Copying responsibilities (configurable)
Relative moving of planning to desired start/end date
Project controlling*
Project overview with real-time analysis
Per work package or consolidated per subproject, project, client
Status not started-started-finished
Degree of completion of projects, subprojects and work packages
Particularly precise degree of completion via completed task hours (weighted tasks)
Due dates, e.g. today, next 7 days, next 30 days
Consideration of due dates on project level, for subprojects and work packages
Traffic light system, overdue tasks are red
Activity overview of all projects
Burndown chart for tasks
Extensive filter criteria, also by project type (via labels)
Different fiscal year
* Additional project controlling functions in the Time tracking & billing feature area.
Central platform for information and documents
Structured storage of information per work package
Documentation and collaboration on project level (also for subprojects)
Elements for text: Meeting minutes, documentation, phone memo, general text
Interactive elements: Questions, FYI, approval
Versioning of all text-based elements
Version comparison with highlighting of changes
Rich text editor with formatting
Images and files
Versioning of images/files
Mentioning users (@-mentioning)
Comments on board posts
Replies to comments
Personal Workspace
Overview of all assigned tasks and work packages
Overview for the user: "What do I have to do today?"
Overview of the current day, the coming week, the coming month or all of them
View as tile, list or scrollable timeline
Outlook integration, appointment calendar
Display personal workload per day
Kanban boards for e.g. priorities, workflows
Subdivision into sortable sections
Advanced filter options
Storage of filter options as preset for easy switching between workspaces
Tasks integrated into work packages for better work organization
Shared responsibilities in work packages
Assignment of tasks for direct processing
Team tasks
Notification for assigned tasks, work packages, incoming messages and mentions (@-mentioning)
Notification via email, desktop push notification, inbox, adjustable per notification type
Information exchange via board with questions, FYI, releases and mentions (@-mentioning)
Workflows based on project roles
Transparent real-time display of common goals and objectives
Logical dependencies
Workflow/defined order for tasks
Automated workflows between different users (ping-pong)
Templates for standard workflows
Chaining individually or for all tasks in a work package
Automatically chain all tasks in work packages together (auto-chain)
Integration in project planning
Automatic notification
Gap bars (advanced project planning)
Interrupt/split planning bars
Multiple planning bars/sections per row in Gantt chart
List view
Responsibilities and project roles per planning section
Recurring planning, weekly, monthly
Integration with project planning
Agile methods
Sprint planning
Material resources
Planning and reservation of material resources, e.g. lab space, 3D printers, measuring equipment, rooms
Planning via drag & drop
Integration in project planning, display of reserved material resources directly in planning
Linking of material resources with work packages
Organization of material resources in folders, e.g. one folder per building
Working time, vacation, sick days
Vacation days, sick days and other absences per user
Regular weekly working hours per user, for example only 4 hours on Fridays
Different working hours for one day/per period
Set per user, per team or company-wide
Integration in team and project planning
Internal projects and customer projects
Inbox, overview of all notifications
Quick-Notes, fast capture of notes and subsequent transfer into tasks, board posts or time trackings
Archive projects
User interface in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish
Project folders (tenant system for e.g. business units, subsidiaries)
Configurable project roles
Standard workflows
User groups and teams
Detailed configurable permissions
Global permissions
Individual permissions for projects and subprojects
Permissions for users and groups
Separate permissions for tenants (e.g. business units, subsidiaries)
Separate commercial permissions
Import from Microsoft Project
Self-learning mapping of names in MS Project to Octaved Flow user names
Export in Microsoft Project format
Export project planning in Excel format
2-factor authentication with Authenticator
Google Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
Google Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
Google Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
Google Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
2-factor authentication via SMS
Stay logged in
100% browser based, without plugins
Server location Germany
Daily backups
Trash with restore
IP address restriction
Operation and compatibility
Own Amazon AWS account
On-premise, in own data center
Compatible browsers
iPad and Android tablets
Storage for files (board)
100 MB per user
10 GB per user
50 GB per user
By agreement/unlimited
Interfaces and integration
REST API (interface) for integration into the IT landscape, for example ERP system, billing or ticket system
Active Directory/LDAP
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Local Active Directory
Webhooks for ERP, billing, accounting system
Only in own Amazon AWS account or on-premise
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