360-degree all-round view of the entire project portfolio

Octaved Flow's project controlling gives you a 360-degree view of all your projects, key performance indicators on service profitability and reliable KPIs on efficiency. All in one central place. Take advantage of an integrated tool instead of wasting your time with spreadsheets.

Radar needle
62% Project time used
82% of tasks completed
30% Not billable
70% Billable

Degree of completion

Project progress at a glance and in detail

Monitor the project progress at a higher level, for individual sub-projects and down to the level of work packages. Even if not everything has been perfectly tracked by the project team, you always receive the best possible data and facts on the degree of completion.

Proportions of tracked times

Due dates and milestones

All due dates in one central place in the project controlling

Keep an eye on all due dates across projects in project controlling. What is due in the next 7 days, what is due in the next 30 days or in the selected period. At project level and down to the level of individual work packages.

Due dates within a project

Time tracking limits in target/actual comparison

Traffic light system for budgets and profitability

Ensure the profitability of your projects and avoid unnecessary discussions with clients by managing their expectations. A traffic light system with the option to filter by traffic light colors indicates early on when project time is running short.

Commercial overview in target/actual comparison

Forecast for open tasks vs. remaining time

Early warning means room for maneuver

If the effort for the tasks to be completed is less than the remaining time, everything is in the green. Good to know. If not, this is the early warning system in project controlling that addresses a problem long before it arises and thus creates room for maneuver.

Sufficient time available for this work package

Project time tracking

In which areas does most of the work flow?

Find out how much project work time has been booked to projects and work packages. With the flexible filter functions, you can see for each team and user in which projects the most working time was invested in the selected period.

Booked project working time per project and work package

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Keeping an eye on profitability at all times

Effectively manage risks in fixed-price projects

In the case of fixed prices, the profit shrinks with each additional hour worked. Determine the imputed hourly rate and create comparability across all projects. The traffic light system shows the defined pain threshold.

Overview of project with fixed-price work packages

Overview of the entire project portfolio

From the helicopter perspective to the desired level of detail

See the key data of each project summarized in a few key figures. With the financial volume, the people involved and the time frame, you can see the scale and progress of each project at a glance.

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