• Uniform principle for projects and project-related procedures
  • High flexibility for different and changing requirements
  • Project planning
  • Team planning
  • Commercial basis with target effort, maximum effort and budgets
  • Transparent presentation of project targets, temporally in milestones/deadlines and financially
  • Suitable for agile approaches, waterfall or hybrid methodologies
  • For services and large-scale projects

Simple project planning and team planning

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The logical and transparent structuring of projects ensures that project planning in Octaved Flow is uncomplicated and reliable. Through team planning, i.e. looking at project planning from the perspective of the teams, an overload can be clearly identified. Even if the schedule needs to be changed. The team members are free to do their own detailed planning within the framework provided. Since this is not done with external to-do lists, but in Octaved Flow, the data is included in the project evaluation. That creates a complete, realistic picture for successful projects.

Flexible yet clear project structures

Companies face the challenge that processes are in transformation and that the pace of change is increasing. Octaved Flow has been designed from the outset to be highly flexible and to adapt dynamically to changing conditions. Easy-to-follow basic principles lead to logical structures. There are clear guidelines for the team even without elaborate work instructions. The two basic ideas are very simple: Everything is seen as a project and projects are divided into work packages. This simple logic allows you to get started immediately and your first project is created in minutes.
So many opportunities for improvement in internal processes have emerged as part of the implementation of Octaved Flow that we are seriously wondering why we did not notice it sooner.

Transparency and control in real time

Erfolgreiches Team plant Projektziele und Meilensteine
Projects that get out of hand mean stress, unpleasant conversations and extra work. And often also financial loss. The basis for successful projects lies in the continuous monitoring of project goals, milestones and workload planned. Octaved Flow displays the important project key figures at a glance in place of time-consuming reports. It is only possible to take countermeasures at an early stage if it is apparent that something is not going according to plan. Projects with Octaved Flow achieve their goal in time and money. Especially for external projects, this means more profit and, above all, calculable profit.

Applicable to any type of project, service, assignment or internal topic

A wide range of tools for every purpose is on offer from the market. Is it really sensible however to always introduce new tools in the company? Even though the idea of „everything is a project“ applies in Octaved Flow, a project is in fact only something that has a beginning and an end. So what exactly you mean by a project is up to you to determine yourself.

The various project-specific functions of Octaved Flow interlock in a way that separate tools can never achieve. That increases efficiency and thus directly productivity.
Octaved Flow kombiniert Projektplanung, Projektzeiterfassung und finanzielle Analyse

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