Project management software for productive teams

Plan, organize and manage your team's work with just one tool - Octaved Flow.

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Plan with Drag and Drop

Plan your projects by moving, shortening or lengthening bars on a timeline.

Stay on schedule

See where your projects, tasks and teams are at any time.

Simplify communication

Create clarity and minimize questions by making information centrally available.

Features to strengthen your project management

Zeitplan von einem Projekt mit Gantt
  • Project planning

    Simplify project planning by dividing projects into manageable work packages and moving them as bars on a timeline.

    Zeitplan von einem Projekt mit Gantt
  • Project controlling

    See the relevant key figures for all your projects at a glance and always make the right decisions.

    Multiprojektmanagement und Controlling mit Kennzahlen
  • Collaboration

    Get the knowledge out of employees' heads and email threads and make it available to everyone at all times instead. Communicate more efficiently with Octaved Flow.

    Bessere Kommunikation mit Wiki

Task management

Task lists ensure clear responsibilities, due dates and priorities. Everyone has the essentials in view and can work through all tasks in the right order.

Aufgabenliste mit Prioritäten und Fälligkeiten

Kanban boards

Create dynamic structures for your teams to work on projects and tasks, and always see the current status at a glance.

Kanban-Board Struktur in Octaved Flow

What makes Octaved Flow different?

Octaved Flow combines elements from established tools in one software. As a result, the team no longer has to switch between different applications, always has the necessary information in front of them and can thus concentrate on the essentials. This allows everyone to work better in „flow“, hence the name Octaved Flow.

Every project, goal, plan or assignment is given structure in the same way by Octaved Flow. As we all know, practice makes perfect. If the same pattern is followed, planning and execution get better with each iteration. Ideas, experiences and improvements flow into the next round as if by themselves with Octaved Flow. The entire team improves and becomes more efficient on its own, all while working on the actual goals.

Team planning

With Octaved Flow, you ensure that no one has too much or too little work on the table, and manage the balancing act between high productivity and a pleasant working atmosphere in your team.

Anzeige zur Teamauslastung


Use workflows to ensure that all steps are completed in the right order for recurring processes with multiple participants.

Darstellung der Workflows in Octaved Flow

Improve your project management

Empower your team with the benefits of Octaved Flow today.