Board, Collaboration and Project Management on the Same Platform

Welcome to our project management and collaboration platform! With us, you'll find everything you need to make your projects successful in one place. From project planning to collaboration to project documentation, we offer an integrated solution that makes your life easier.

Collaboration with the Board

Efficient collaboration without information chaos

With a central tool, all relevant documents, discussions and decisions are collected in one place and can be found easily. This reduces misunderstandings and avoids the clutter that comes from spreading information across different channels.

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Project documentation with the Board

Permanent storage of information and discussions

Permanent storage of all project information on the Board is particularly useful for tracking decision-making processes, learning from past projects, and documenting best practices. The archive also serves as a valuable knowledge base for new team members who can access past information and experiences.

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Prepare meetings with the Board

Reduce project meetings to the essentials

Frantically updating lists in a spreadsheet program just before a project status meeting? That works better! Flag items you want to talk about on an ongoing basis during project work. Combined with the real-time analytics in Octaved Flow, this means that the preparation time for the project status meeting is zero.

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Benefits of Inbox function for your project management

Structured message management for seamless collaboration

I was assigned a task, I would be asked for a release, I was given a release, I was mentioned in a post. Octaved Flow's Inbox informs about all this, the perfect addition to the Board. Also available as a desktop notification if desired (looks like appointment reminder) or via email.

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TODO: Inbox
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Perfect organization without additional effort

Clear structures, clear filing locations

The big time-eater in companies is scattered information in e-mails, chat channels and spreadsheet software. When it comes down to it, you're guaranteed to find the wrong thing. But where to put the information when I've just come from a customer meeting and the next deadline is just around the corner? You have already divided your project into work packages in the planning stage. Use this structure and put all information about a work package where everyone would expect it: directly at the work package.

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Benefits of a central platform

Why is it so useful to have collaboration and project documentation on the same platform as project planning? Here are some reasons:


Having all aspects of your project in one place saves you time and increases your efficiency. You don't have to switch between different tools or gather information from different sources. Everything you need is directly accessible.

Seamless collaboration

When collaboration and project documentation are done on the same platform, team communication and collaboration is greatly improved. Without having to switch platforms, you can share files, provide feedback, assign tasks, and communicate with your team in real time.


By integrating project documentation into the platform, all team members have access to relevant information and can track project progress. This reduces misunderstandings, provides transparency and enables better coordination between team members.

Availability of information

By storing project documents and information in one place, they are accessible anytime, anywhere. Whether you work in the office, at home, or on the road, you can easily access and share important data.

Avoiding information loss

If project documentation is done separately from project planning, there is a risk that important information will be lost or not found in time. Integrating both aspects on the same platform ensures that all information is stored in one place and can be easily found.

Octaved Flow

Our platform gives you the best of both worlds - a comprehensive project management solution that seamlessly integrates collaboration and project documentation. Increase the efficiency of your projects, foster team collaboration and keep track of your projects - all on one platform.

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