Price Surcharges Depending on Time of Service

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For example, for Sunday work or as a night surcharge, price surcharges can be added to the regular hourly rates. The list of possible surcharges is defined centrally and can be customized.
Price surcharges are applied when booking working time and are valid for the respective time booking. Price surcharges are listed in time sheets and are included in the calculation.

Add price surcharge to time booking

If a time booking is made for a time to which a price surcharge applies, then the Time booking with price surcharge option is automatically activated and the appropriate price surcharge is preselected.
The percentage of the surcharge, on which days of the week and for which periods of time it is valid is also displayed.
If a price surcharge is automatically preselected, a hint appears:
Note for automatically selected price surcharge
The default setting for time booking is only a suggestion. The decision for the price surcharge is up to the booker. There may be good reasons for not applying a markup, for example, if something went wrong before. In case a markup is not applied, a hint will be displayed:
Hint when price markup is missing
To apply a markup if it was not automatically preselected, click on Advanced and then activate Time booking with markup.

Create and manage price surcharges

Price surcharges are managed centrally in the System settings under Price surcharges.
Create and manage price surcharges
To make it easier to check that the correct surcharge has been selected when booking time, you can assign a descriptive name:
Specify name for surcharge
Select on which days the price surcharge should apply:
Specify days of the week for price surcharge
Set the time window for the price surcharge:
Specify time for price surcharge
And specify what percentage the price surcharge should be. A surcharge of 100% means that the regular hourly rate is doubled.
Specify surcharge for price surcharge
The API key is for connecting Octaved Flow to other systems via Octaved Flow's API. If you do not have an ERP system or ticket system connected to Octaved Flow, then just leave this field blank.

Customer individual price surcharges

In the system settings under Customers, different settings can be made per customer. Initially, all standard price markups are available for the customer:
Customer's standard price surcharge
Price surcharge not available for this customer are turned off 1:
Customer's default price surcharge turned off
With a check mark at Customer individual 1 the default percentages are overwritten customer individual:
Adding price surcharges is not possible at the customer level, only turning them off and overwriting them.

Billing types with price surcharges

Price surcharges can only be added to billing types Effort. Effort with approx, Effort with cap and Effort with from/to can be selected.
For the billing types Fixed price and Without calculation a price surcharge is not useful, because there is no proof of performance. Therefore, no price surcharge can be selected here.



For Contingents, the hourly rate is fixed and therefore no surcharge can be applied. If a surcharge is necessary, a time booking can simply be duplicated and, for example, Sunday surcharge can be entered in the description text.

Customer types with price surcharges

Price surcharges are only selectable for customers to whom working time is billed. These are (external/regular) customers and internal customers with costs passed on.

Special cases

  • Time booking partially in a range with a price surcharge - Suppose there is an evening surcharge for working hours after 7:00 pm and time is booked from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Then a warning will be displayed that the time booking is partially in an area with a surcharge. In this case, the booker should book the time until 19:00 and create a separate time booking with a price surcharge for the time from 19:00.
  • Overlapping time slots for price surcharges - If price surcharge time slots overlap for a customer, Octaved Flow will not be able to make a reasonable price surcharge suggestion for the time booking. In this case, the first markup is selected. The booker must then decide which markup is the correct one.

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