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Depending on the billing type assigned to a work package, not unlimited time can be booked on the work package. For example, no more than 10 hours should also be booked on a work package with a effort with cap of 10 hours. In the system settings under Timeout you can adjust warning levels and limits to the usual procedures of your company.
Time booking limits at billing types

Orange warning

The percentage number is used to determine the percentage of the scheduled time at which the progress bar for time bookings turns orange.
If the billing type is Effort with approx, 10 hours were scheduled for the work package and Warning from is set to 120%, then the progress bar for time bookings will turn orange from 12 hours booked.
Effort with approx. in frame
Warning for effort with approx.
In the default setting of Octaved Flow for the billing types effort with approx. and effort with from/to the percentages for the orange warning are set to over 100%, because it is assumed that the customer will tolerate moderately higher effort or this will be agreed upon in parallel.
For the billing types Expense with cap, Fixed price and Contingent the default settings are set to a value below 100%, so that the warning is displayed in time before the hard limit is reached. If 90% seems "too close" to you, then enter a value here that is suitable for your company.
Contingent in frame
Warning at contingent

Red from 100%

If the checkmark Will turn red from 100% is set, the progress bar for time bookings will turn red from 100%. 100% is exactly the set time effort.
Red at fixed price
This starts what is called overbooking reserve in Octaved Flow, that is the area above the default that is still tolerated.
The check mark cannot be set if the value at No more time posting from is set to 100%. This would also make no sense, because in this case the color jumps directly from orange to dark red. Red would never be displayed.

Dark red - no more time booking from

From the value set here, the progress bar for time bookings is dark red and no more time bookings are possible.
Dark red for fixed price
If you set 110% on a fixed price, then your calculation is probably such that the work package will still be profitable even if it exceeds 10%, or will be profitable in the overall context with other work packages.
In the workspace, the executor sees that this work package can no longer be booked.
Work package can no longer be posted to
In the default settings of Octaved Flow, 100% is set for the billing types Expense with cap and Contingent, because it might be difficult to communicate an overrun to the customer. There are other billing types for this.
It may be that part of a booking would still be possible. For example, there could be 2 hours left on a quota, but the executor wants to book 3 hours. The performer sees the progress bar for time bookings in different places and has to take care himself not to spend too much working time when he is running short.
Not enough hours left on work package

Work package is done


With the checkbox Work package done the executor checks off the work package as done and thus reports it as done to the project manager.
Work package is marked as done
Completed work packages can only have the color dark red. A fixed price work package that is at 90% or 100% is not a problem if it is done. Therefore, it is not necessary to display orange or red.
Contingents that are at 100% and checked off as done have reached the goal, so there is no reason for a warning here either. The same applies to effort with lid.
Dark red is displayed for completed work packages if:
  • There is a value greater than 100% specified for No time posting from - and.
  • More than 100% work time has been posted to the work package. In other words, the work package is in overbooking reserve.
In Octaved Flow's default settings, only Fixed price has a value of more than 100% specified and therefore only completed fixed price work packages can result in a dark red traffic light.

Effort with from/to

Here only the To value is relevant for the display of colors.

Time sheets

All booked times appear in the time sheet, even those that are above the 100% limit.
Note: Work packages with the billing type Fixed price never appear in time sheets.

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