Status of Work Packages

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The Status 1 field is used to specify which workflow step a work package is in. The term workflow refers to the process from creation to completion. The status of a work package is set here:
The status in the inspector of a work package

Possible statuses of a work package

A work package has one of the following statuses:
The status of a work package
The entries mean:
  • Quotation - This work package was created during the quotation phase. An order has not been placed yet. Information about the work package can thus already be stored. No time can be booked on the work package, because if there is no order, there should be no time bookings.
  • Not yet open - The work package is not yet ready to be started. Therefore, time cannot be booked on it yet.
  • Open - The work package can be started - or it has already been started. Time can be booked on this work package. If a time limit has been set by (link:) billing type, then time can only be booked up to this limit.
  • Locked - The work package is temporarily not open for time bookings, for example because an increase of the scheduled working hours has to be discussed with the customer.
  • Completed - This status means that there is nothing more to be done on the work package and therefore no more time can be booked on it. Completed work packages are displayed in the overview of work packages to be billed. Billing is the next logical step.

Effects on time bookings

Time can only be booked on work packages with the status Open. Offered and Not yet open means that the work package is not yet ready. If Locked it is temporarily locked and if Completed it is finished, so no more time can be booked.

Effects on the visibility of work packages

In menu items that are primarily for project managers, for example Edit Projects or Project Controlling, all work packages are always displayed regardless of status.
Menu items under My Workspace are for team members. Only work packages with the status Open are displayed in this area.
Projects can be archived so that they are no longer displayed to project managers. All work packages of an archived project will be hidden.

Effects on tasks and the board

Tasks and board can be used at any time regardless of the work package status.

Set status for multiple work packages

The status can be set for all work packages of a project or a sub-project using the 3-point menu.


Workflow within the company

A typical workflow within your own company might look like this:
  • The project manager creates the project and work packages and assigns the work packages to team members for execution.
Assign a person to the work package
  • Via the status Open the project manager gives a signal to the team member when the implementation can be started. Alternatively the project manager uses the project planning.
Status is Open
  • The team member completes the work package and reports it back to the project manager as done by checking off the work package:
Work package is checked off as done
  • The project manager checks if everything is ok with the work package. For example, whether all the tasks in the checklist have been completed and the time entry texts do not contain any typing errors. Then the project manager sets the status from Open to Completed. For billable work packages, the menu item Prepare for billing is particularly suitable, because all corresponding work packages are displayed here.
The status is Closed
  • By setting the status to Completed, the work package is transferred from the project manager to the department in the company that is responsible for billing.
  • Work packages with the status Completed appear in the menu item Billing and are assigned to a billing.
  • The work packages assigned to a billing are then used for the actual billing, either after an Excel export from Octaved Flow or directly to the ERP system connected to Octaved Flow.
If people in the company take on several or all of these roles in personal union, the workflow is still the same in principle. Due to the different states of the work package, everything relevant can be found and nothing is forgotten in the accounting, even if all steps are performed by only one person.

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