Menu items explained

Tutorials and guides for the features of Octaved Flow

If you are not familiar with Octaved Flow yet, this short overview will tell you what the menu items are for and what you can do there.

My Workspace

Under My Workspace you can see your personal workspace, where you can organize your daily work.

My Tasks

In My Tasks you get an overview of the tasks assigned to you. You can create new tasks, set effort estimates for them, schedule them, assign tasks to other employees and check off tasks as done. The display can be switched between list and week view.
Überblick der eigenen Aufgaben im Workspace

Understand context

Projects are divided into work packages in Octaved Flow and work packages can contain tasks.

Personal tasks

Find here your personal tasks that only you can see. Once you schedule your personal tasks, they will also appear in My tasks.


Kanban boards are a popular method to better organize tasks. They are the "Swiss Army Knife" of work organization, so to speak. For example, you can set priorities for tasks or map workflows by simply dragging and dropping.
Kanban-Boards im Workspace

Book time

If you record project working time, for example because you invoice working hours to customers, then you can post your project working time to work packages here.
Zeit buchen


This area is particularly relevant for project managers, as projects are planned here.

Project planning

In this menu item, you plan projects and work packages as Gantt charts. The bars can be conveniently moved using drag & drop. Connect the bars via drag & drop and create dependencies between work packages.
Projektplanung mit Gantt

Team planning

Team planning is another word for resource planning. Here you can see the work packages planned for the team members and the workload of your team.
Teamplanung und Ressourcenplanung

Material resources

Under the menu item Material resources you plan your material resources such as rooms, tools or vehicles. You can reserve material resources for individual work packages.
The menu item only appears once you have created a material resource in the settings.

Work times/off-days

The Work times/off-days menu item provides you with an overview of absences of individual users or groups. The project manager enters absences such as those caused by vacation days or sick leave.
Here you can also organize the working hours of your company, of specific groups or of individual employees. The data entered here has an influence on the calculation of the workload display in Team planning.


This area is used to create projects and thus organize the work of your teams.

Edit projects

Here you create new projects and their work packages.
Projekte in Octaved Flow anlegen

Team tasks

Here you can see the tasks of individual team members.
Team-Aufgaben in Octaved Flow


The Kanban boards in My Workspace only show tasks. Here Kanban boards can also be used for projects, groups and work packages.

Create quote

If you bill projects to customers, here you can find functions that make it easier for you to create quotes. The advantage is that you can use the projects from the quotations directly for further work when they are commissioned.


If you bill projects to customers, then you will find everything from billing preparation to exporting time sheets in this area.


In this menu item you will find work packages that have been completed by the executors. You can prepare these work packages for billing here by performing a final check and closing the work packages.


Here you can see work packages that can be billed because they have been completed. You can select the work packages for which billing is to be created here.
Projekte in Octaved Flow abrechnen

Partial billing

Under Billing, work packages that have been completed are billed. For longer running work packages that are still being worked on, partial billing can be done for a period of time, for example, for the past month.

Billings list

Under Billing, you select work packages that are to be combined into one billing. Here you can see these invoices and export time sheets, download invoice lists or send the invoices to your connected ERP.

Time sheets freelancer

External employees who prove their working hours to you do not need to track their time separately, but can simply use the times already tracked in Octaved Flow. Time sheets for freelancers can be exported here.


In this section you can find out everything important regarding milestones, status and profitability of running and completed projects.

Project controlling

In the menu item Project controlling you will receive real-time information on, for example:
  • General status, what has been started, what has been completed, what has not yet been started.
  • Degree of completion based on several criteria
  • Compliance with milestones
  • Booked times, overruns of time targets with risk assessment
  • Profitability of projects on the basis of the imputed hourly rate
Projektcontrolling mit Octaved Flow

Team analysis

Here the booked times are analyzed and evaluated not from the perspective of the project, but from the perspective of the team.


Here you customize Octaved Flow according to your needs.


Here the users of a team are managed, as well as new users are invited. Change username, profile picture or block users who are no longer part of the company, for example.


Customer data is created and managed here. Projects can then be assigned to the customers. Customers can be internal or external. Internal customers can be charged or not.
Angelegte Kundendaten in Octaved Flow


Create individual labels here that can be attached to projects, groups, work packages or tasks.
Labels in Octaved Flow

Kanban Boards

Create Kanban boards here that team members can use at Kanban to plan their work with flow.


In the advanced settings, central settings for all teams are made, such as creating groups, defining project roles, assigning authorizations or creating project folders. Furthermore, billing-relevant settings such as price categories or price surcharges can be defined. Also create workflows for work packages and material resources here.

My settings in user menu

Here every user can upload a profile picture, choose the displayed language, change his password and connect external calendars.
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