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New features and more resources

This is the conclusion of a scientific study conducted by the Rheinische Fachhochschule Cologne under the direction of Prof. Dr. Silke Schönert, Professor of Business Informatics and Project Management. The aim of the study was to examine the functions of the project management software Octaved Flow and to analyze its benefits.
Octaved Flow is an innovative software solution that was developed specifically for project management and helps companies to efficiently plan, monitor and successfully implement their projects. The study provides a comprehensive overview of the various features of Octaved Flow and examines how these features can help improve project management. Both the project manager's perspective and the impact on the entire project team are considered.
The results of this study provide valuable insights for companies and organizations looking for powerful project management software to increase their efficiency and productivity.
The following is a summary of the study's key findings:

Project planning

"The classic project management is mature, very usable in the software and offers comprehensive support. The Gantt charts provide valuable visualization and thus quick orientation."


"Octaved Flow's Work Management gives companies the ability to coordinate not only projects, but the operations of the entire company.
For example, the work management functions reduce the number of necessary e-mails and ensure that important e-mails remain in focus."

Resource planning

Resource Planning
"Octaved Flow offers the possibility to plan material resources, teams and own working time. The planning and management of individual company resources is done in Gantt charts. This is a very good way for team and project leaders to get an overview of resources."
In the area of managing human resources, Octaved Flow offers overall targeted support options without being functionally overloaded."


"For internal communication Octaved Flow offers the so-called boards. Boards can be used as a wiki as well as a communication platform within the company.
By transparency and establishment of clear communication channels it can be ensured that all team members are up to date and can react quickly to changes. Furthermore, feedback, promotion of exchange and discussions have a positive impact on teamwork."

Time Tracking

"Octaved Flow can make corporate work more efficient, cost-effective and frictionless in that the software strongly supports the time tracking and invoicing process. Work time per project is recorded by the software and project management can within minutes create an invoice for the client or forward it to an invoicing system via automation."

Project controlling

"Octaved Flow has many support options in the area of project controlling. This makes it quick and efficient to get a comprehensive overview of the different projects in the team.
Octaved Flow's analysis interfaces combine team and personnel information. This feature is relevant for a number of activities of managers and can be used very well for e.g. process optimization, optimization of the organizational structure and comparison with competitor companies in the market."

Process optimization

"Also the software offers many possibilities for the administration of e.g. projects, teams, employees, workflows, material resources and price categories. In the combination of administrative functions as well as the analysis tools, Octaved Flow can be used very well as a basis for the optimization and automation of organization-wide processes."

Agile methods

"Since the range of hybrid tools is manageable, it is advantageous and noteworthy that Octaved Flow supports both classic and agile methodologies."

Project Management

Project Management
"Octaved Flow is very good at mapping projects for internal and external customers and supporting them through various project management approaches."
(February 2023)