What is Octaved Flow?

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Octaved Flow is a software that makes processes in companies more efficient and ensures that work becomes more productive. It uses well-known, but further developed tools in the field of project management. The special feature of Octaved Flow is the way these tools interlock and provide better structures in the processes.

Octaved Flow - compactly summarized

  • Octaved Flow is a work management software and the Swiss Army Knife for any kind of project or plan. For this, Octaved Flow combines methods and tools from the field of project management, resulting in novel possibilities.
  • Octaved Flow offers project planning, Kanban boards, resource planning, task management and much more.
  • Because Octaved Flow provides everything in one software, there are no frictions as known from common approaches.
  • At the center is an information system, which makes the relevant information for each project available to the appropriate people at exactly the right time.
  • With extensive analysis features, project controlling and KPI, it is proven whether really more productivity has been created, processes have been streamlined and workflows have become more efficient.
  • Octaved Flow is a new concept that does not fit well into existing categories, but solves old, well-known problems.
What is Octaved Flow

What does Octaved Flow do?

  • More efficient communication - The goal of Octaved Flow is to ensure that fewer emails are sent in general, because emails are widely used for communication, but are not really efficient. Especially internal emails with long email histories and many CC often paralyze productivity instead of boosting it.
  • Sensible division of work - Project managers or responsible parties no longer need to know every detail, instead setting goals and taking responsibility for the big plan. Team members operate independently within this framework.
  • Realistic status information - How much has really been achieved and what still needs to be done before the next milestone? Octaved Flow gives a reliable picture of the situation, avoiding the familiar chaos before deadlines.
  • Unambiguous processes and structures - No ad-hoc organization with constant asking (by the way, one of the main causes for long emails and chats). Instead, comprehensible, transparent processes in which everyone works according to basically the same pattern. Clear responsibilities and distribution of roles; the wheel does not have to be reinvented every time. Proven procedures can simply be copied.
  • Optimized use of resources - No one has too much or too little work on their desk. If there are bottlenecks, rescheduling is done from a helicopter perspective.
  • Working in the "flow" - Fewer interruptions allow people to focus on one task at a time, get into the "flow" and become more productive.


Octaved Flow is not just a software, but more importantly a method to get projects and topics to the finish line faster and more successfully.

For whom is Octaved Flow the right solution?

  • Engineering, mechanicaleEngineering
  • Management consultants, consultants
  • IT service providers
  • Marketing
  • Software development
  • For any type of internal topics that have a project character. This includes everything from product development to the introduction of new software.

How is Octaved Flow different from other tools in this field?

  • Seamless integration - Many claim to offer a universal tool. But the individual features are only insufficiently connected with each other. They fail at the realities of everyday life and do not bring any increase in efficiency in the long run. Octaved Flow was developed with the knowledge of where the shoe really pinches companies and brings practical, immediately applicable solutions that also work in the long term.
  • Sensible organizational structures - Octaved Flow is more than just a task planner with a few extras. It helps companies get a better handle on processes.
  • More realistic status information - Project progress is calculated automatically without the need for team members to enter their status separately. The advanced method in Octaved Flow is more precise because looking at smaller units of work results in greater accuracy.
  • Complete toolset - Everything you need to make projects a success, seamlessly in one software, without costly customizing.

This is the compact summary of what Octaved Flow is. Read more about how Octaved Flow works on page 2.

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