• Everything important for the day on one page
  • Updates on ongoing projects and tasks in real time
  • Immediate recording of notes and information on ongoing topics
  • No long search for a suitable place to store notes, information and files
  • Immediate understanding where items belong at all times
  • Personalised search/filter

The personal desk for the team members

Switching between different programs takes time and concentration. Octaved Flow allows team members to view all the important information for the working day on one page. Meeting reports, project-relevant files, documentation, tasks, commercial information and time bookings are all stored in related work packages and are therefore always in the right place at the right time. The project manager or team leader determines the day when the work package is displayed in the team member's workspace. Project organisation is smooth and the motivation and productivity of team members is increased.
Punkte um das Bild
Punkte um das Bild
Alles, was für die Arbeit nötig ist, auf einen Blick sehen

Always up-to-date

There has been a change in the status of one of your projects? A team member needs approval from you? You want to submit a task and the team member should be informed about it in Octaved Flow? The personal inbox informs you about everything important and relevant.
Having everything at a glance on one page makes work much more relaxed. My job is still stressful enough, so anything that helps is welcome.

Capture information immediately with quick notes

A structured approach is always a sound strategy. Octaved Flow is designed to achieve that objective. However, things don't always go as planned and something comes up. A customer call on another topic? The information of another team member? Quick note is used to record it first, in a suitable place (not on a Post-It). The quick note can then be converted into a task, a board post or a time record and everything is back in the right place. If topics are updated promptly and reliably, stress in the team is reduced and everyone is more productive.
Punkte um das Bild
Punkte um das Bild
Information sofort festhalten und später zu einer Aufgabe oder einem Boardeintrag umwandeln

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