Task scheduling for productive teams

Bring structure to your task management and make sure no one has too much or too little work on their plate. See current progress at any time with Octaved Flow task management software.

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Relevant and up-to-date

Instead of an endless lists of tasks, everyone on the team sees the relevant tasks in a clear structure at the right time.

All in one tool

Use the task planner in combination with other features to increase productivity.

Better visibility

Centralized task management instead of yellow notes, long email threads and hidden to-do lists.

Use the most effective work method

Octaved Flow's task management gives you the flexibility to work according to your preferred methods. Combine different tools from Octaved Flow to move even faster.

To-Do-Listen zur Aufgabenverwaltung in Octaved Flow
  • Task lists

    With clear lists, nothing will be overlooked anymore. Priorities and due dates determine the order in which tasks are processed and by when they must be completed.

    To-Do-Listen zur Aufgabenverwaltung in Octaved Flow
  • Task status

    Use Kanban boards to set the work structure for your teams or the entire company and always be informed about the current status of tasks and work packages.

    Kanban-Boards zur Aufgabenplanung in Octaved Flow
  • Priorities

    Group tasks, assign priorities to them, or share relevant information about a task with your team using labels.

    Priorisierung von Aufgaben mit Labels
  • Timeline

    Have task scheduling appear in the overarching project plan and see work progress from a helicopter perspective.

    Aufgabenplanung auf einer Zeitleiste mit Gantt-Chart

How are tasks and work packages related in Octaved Flow?

Project managers divide a project into work packages.

Work packages are scheduled and assigned to team members.

Team members divide a work package into tasks and use them as a checklist.

Team member tasks

See at any time who is working on what, what tasks are due next, and make sure no one has too much or too little work on their plate.

Tool zur Personalplanung in der Projektplanungs-Software Octaved Flow

Team overview

The task distribution in the team clearly shows where there is still free capacity and who should be relieved.

Teamplanung Tool in der Projektplanungs-Software Octaved Flow

What is the advantage of Octaved Flow compared to other task planners?

Because work packages and tasks are separated in Octaved Flow, a structure is created in which tasks are much easier to organize. Additionally, Octaved Flow creates a division of labor. With this, team leaders can focus on management instead of getting lost in details and team members move independently within the given framework.

Task time

Have task effort estimated to get a realistic picture of actual progress.

Sch├Ątzung von Aufgabenzeit beim Aufgabenmanagement

Give your task management structure with Octaved Flow today

So you always know exactly where your team currently stands.