• Task management for teams
  • Task planning in the calendar via drag & drop
  • Independent organisation, as the task planner and work package form a single unit
  • Flexible planning due to the separate consideration of the task workload and the planned time window for realisation
  • Hand over and the delegation of tasks
  • Quotation calculation on the basis of tasks
  • Feedback loops to improve the ability to estimate workload
  • More realistic determination of the degree of completion of work packages
  • Forecasts for milestones and project profitability

To-do lists for teams
Clear task management

Good task management is the basis for successful and stress-free project work. However, with the multitude of topics to be dealt with in parallel, task lists quickly become confusing. Managing task lists becomes a task of its own.

Octaved Flow links the task lists to work packages. This results in a clear and self-explanatory structure for everyone in the team. Whenever you are working on a topic, all relevant tasks are clearly displayed. This way you can always concentrate on what is most important.
Punkte um das Bild
Punkte um das Bild

Task planning that works in everyday project life

A task planner was just another tool for me until I realised the advantages of linking the task planner with the other areas in Flow. Everything just interlocks perfectly.
Tasks are plannable via the time component. Experience shows that priorities change rather frequently in companies and rigid planning is not helpful. This is why task scheduling in Octaved Flow is flexible. Only managers who give their employees sufficient creative freedom are capable of mastering their own daily work routine with confidence. As a manager, Octaved Flow allows you to flexibly determine the balance between precise guidelines and creative freedom according to the respective topic.

Those who want to improve need feedback

If the project working time is tracked, the actual time effort can be compared with the planning. These feedback loops improve the team members' abilities to estimate expenses in advance. Since actual workload is seldom lower than planned, with overruns occurring most often, the risk of financial loss is therefore reduced in the long run.
Planungsgenauigkeit verbessern dank Vergleichsmöglichkeit mit realen Daten

Move from bidding to project execution without frictional losses

Den kompletten Projektablauf abbilden - vom Angebot zur Abrechnung
With Octaved Flow, a structured approach establishes itself in the team. This already begins in the bidding phase. The commercially responsible person equates the quotation items with the work packages in Octaved Flow and gives the work packages to the project team to estimate the workload. These break down the work package into tasks and estimate the work effort of individual tasks. The basis for the offer results from the sum, plus a safety surcharge if applicable. This way the tasks are immediately available as to-do during project implementation. Additionally, a direct and granular comparison with the estimate is available. In short: feedback. At the same time, a check list is used to see whether the implementation is complete. More security without any redundancy.

Forecast of time-related and financial project components

It is an illusion that a work package is half done when half of the planned working time has been used up. It is well known that this is an illusion and yet it is a mistake that is made repeatedly. Octaved Flow's task management makes it possible to recognise at an early stage whether projects are threatening to overrun financially or whether important milestones will be missed. As a result, it is possible for countermeasures to be introduced in good time and for projects to run successfully and without further stress.
Vorzeitig sehen, wenn Projekte drohen aus dem Ruder laufen

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Task Planner
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