Billable/non-billable rate

Quote abrechenbarer und nicht abrechenbarer Stunden in absoluten Zahlen
  • Ratio of billable to non-billable work output
  • Important key figure for profitability in the service sector
  • Efficiency indicator
  • Comparable periods
  • Compare similar projects
  • Reduce excessive non-billable work and replace it with billable work
  • Direct increase in profit
  • Direct feedback through reliable figures on whether optimisation measures are effective

Work performance history

Trends bei der Arbeitsleistung mit KPI Dashboards erkennen
  • Development of work performance over a time period
  • Identification of trends, outliers and dips
  • Planning potential for the future
  • Derive action requirement in real time
  • Effects of new hires and company expansions
The insights we gained from the data were worth their weight in gold. Our optimisations have been effective and the result is impressive.

Analyse non-billable work output

  • Analyse sources of non-billable work
  • Are you losing money on the warranty portion of your projects?
  • Investigate unprofitable time wasters and take a more detailed look at them.
  • Optimise processes
  • Increase profitability
Nicht abrechenbare Arbeitsleistung mit KPI Dashboards analysieren

Task burndown

Verfolge den Fertigstellungsgrad von Projekten mit dem Burndown-Chart
  • Will the project be completed on schedule?
  • Are more new requirements added in the course of the project than economically planned?
  • Are tasks in the project completed with the necessary vigour or does motivation wane?
  • Waterfall, agile or hybrid projects

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