• Knowledge management, project documentation and project-based file exchange
  • Logically structured and appropriate to the project flow
  • Minimisation of search times
  • Versioning with current status at the top
  • Easy handling due to modular Board elements

Find knowledge and information without searching

Finding information is often a challenge in both large and small companies. Filing systems are established, but are soon no longer applicable. The Board in Octaved Flow is the central place for information. Meeting reports, telephone notes, project documentation, photos from flipchart, files, etc. are stored in the Board. As there is a separate Board for each work package, the relevant information is available at the right time and in the right place. The time-consuming search for information is reduced to a minimum or eliminated altogether.
Punkte um das Bild
Punkte um das Bild
Boards bilden die gemeinsame Informationsplattform im Unternehmen

More productivity due to fewer interruptions

The improvement in the internal exchange of information that we have achieved with the Board has led to a noticeable increase in efficiency. And it's fun too.
Functioning internal communication is undoubtedly part of good corporate culture. Excessive communication, however, can affect productivity. The question „what is the current status of topic X“ is an inconvenience for the questioner. Without an answer no progress is possible. The respondent is also interrupted in their current topic. Octaved Flow reduces unnecessary communication and makes teams more efficient. After all, those who are in the flow achieve a higher level of productivity - hence the name Octaved Flow.


Email and chat have earned their place as established means of communication. However, as communication is often disconnected from the topic, the full picture is often difficult to grasp. Octaved Flow not only makes everything of importance immediately visible, but also allows communication directly from the Board. An approval from the team leader can be requested in the Board. The team leader sees it in his inbox and can get a complete picture with one click. The answer remains in the appropriate place and is thus already part of the project documentation. Clear procedures, no misunderstandings.
Mit Workflows Arbeitsabläufe standartisieren

Always up to date

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Punkte um das Bild
When communicating by email in particular, it is often difficult or impossible to find out the latest information. The Octaved Flow Board is versioned and the latest version is always the visible one. Instead of always adding information, outdated information is replaced by new versions. Clearer presentation provides a quicker and more reliable overview of a topic or specific information. Who edited an entry, when did it happen, and what has been changed? Octaved Flow's version history and version comparison will answer all of your questions.

Discover more features

Use project-based KPIs and company key figures, track project controlling, project objectives
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Project-relevant information centrally available through simple posting on the Board, fewer unnecessary emails
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Project Management
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Project Time Tracking
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